DSP – WYYN Dubai

Digital Services Platform (DSP) connects users with marketplace, and delivers services, both, to the users and the marketplace partners. Services will range from media (advertisement), loyalty, connectivity (data, voice) to ecommerce and more. User and transaction data captured in the DSP will be analyzed, and new services (eg. reports, analytics et al) will be created to enhance the offering. Marketplace will comprise of products from vendors. Products may be goods and/or services. Vendors may be product manufacturers, sellers (eg. retailers, re-sellers), service providers like ISPs, touristic services, hospitality etc all.


Utilize the DSP (digital services platform) backend to manage campaigns:

  • Allocate unique ID to each campaign.
  • Export it to Nextmesh platform for delivery .
  • Receive campaign performance data from Nextmesh platform and the Etisalat platform
  • Create campaign reports
  • Analytics