Wi Fi 10 X – Dubai

Wifi [10X] creates, owns & controls front page of real user’s internet; giving brands an exclusive & unique opportunity to dominate the internet without being intrusive


  1. Utilize the DSP (digital services platform) backend to manage campaigns:
    • Allocate unique ID to each campaign,
    • Export it to Nextmesh platform for delivery,
    • Receive campaign performance data from Nextmesh platform and the Etisalat platform
    • Create campaign reports
    • Analytics
  2. Integrate Careem ride flag with Nextmesh Mobile Site
  3. Integrate with Etisalat’s platform:
    • Jasper (Cisco) to manage certain network functions,
    • DMMA (device management) to receive users browsing history and certain device parameters
  4. Customize the tourist mobile app to rewards app for wifi users
  5. Cloud (from Etisalat):
    • Specify the cloud requirement for DSP and mobile app
    • Manage the cloud infra for  both DSP and Nextmesh platforms

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