The Odisha Primary Education Programme Authority (OPEPA), Odisha intends to build a comprehensive School Inspection Application and portal with the capability to analyse and provide insights from the operational and other related data which will make the process of decision making more effective for the stakeholders. This shall drive overall school improvements and resolve the issues identified during the monitoring of the schools. The objective of OPEPA is to monitor, develop and scrutinize the education system and child education and ensure that proper education is provided to children along with all the facilities like proper infrastructure, sanitation, reading materials, meal schemes, grants etc

Key Features

This proposed system has following sections

  • Project Scorecard based on KPI
  • Spot Assessment of Project – On Android Based Mobile
  • Project Progress Monitoring – Milestone based
  • Attendance of Staff
  • Infrastructure progress of School , Office
  • Support System

Tool & Technology

  • Linux OS ,Tomcat Server ,Bootstrap, SpringMVC, Native Android ,PostgresSQL ,email & SMS


All the 50000 primary school of odisha monitored

Team Members

Sunil , Abhisekh , Vamsi , Prajesh , Subrata , Prateek

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