High Risk Mother and Child Tracking System (e PHC)

About Health Department ,Odisha

The Objective of Health department, Govt of Odisha is to deliver quality health care services to its citizen. There is a greater challenge in rural healthcare regarding affordability, accessibility and awareness. The use of information technology and communication has removed the geographical and accessibility challenges in delivering quality healthcare services to rural areas.

Project Overview

The objective is to monitor various care products like Expected Mother & Infant Monitoring, Family Planning & Productive Health, Malaria Prevention & Care, Infection Prevention & Control Tuberculosis Monitoring, HIV &AID etc to rural poor.  The aim is to ensure that women and newborns worldwide receive high-quality care by equipping health professionals with the knowledge, skills and real time monitoring they need to succeed.

This product helps in digitizing Smart Maternal and Infant Healthcare.  In most rural areas, pregnant women are not conscious of proper health care. This leads to an alarming number of infant and maternal deaths and malnourished children. Application tackles this problem in the preventive stage by providing an integrated monitoring system which can communicate in wireless media and data stored in cloud storage as medical history.

Key Features

  • With ePHC information on mother’s health can be entered via the mobile device at field level.
  •  This is uploaded into cloud storage/central database
  • Data about the health of pregnant women and new-born children are visible to the stakeholders and helps to track real-time information about their health needs and nutritional status.
  •  High-risk pregnancies can be identified based on the data allowing the District Administrators to give in urgent assistance or additional resources as required

Tool & Technology

  • Linux OS ,Apache Web Server ,PHP- Code Ignitor Framework, My SQL,Native Android ,SMS & email integration

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